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Written by Valeriia

How can I add a QR code to my certificate design?

Step-by-step guide on how to add a QR code to your certificate and benefit from it

How can I benefit from using QR codes in my certificates? 

A QR code is a two-dimensional version of the Barcode that shows specific information and redirects the viewer to a certain page after scanning it with a mobile device.

Now, if your recipient prints the certificate or downloads it as a PDF, it will be possible for anyone to verify its validity. Even if someone tries to change the name on the certificate, the QR code will lead viewers to the correct digital credential. It makes the certificates hard to be forged and increases their credibility.

What is more, if you have a customized Recipient View page, a redirect increases your brand awareness. By scanning the QR code on the printed certificate, anyone can learn more about your upcoming events, and check your social media and website.

How to add a QR code to my certificate?

Step 1. Navigate to the Designs tab → Create New Design → QR Code option on the left sidebar. 

After that, click on the +Add QR Code button.

Note: You may add only one QR code per certificate. 

Step 2. Choose a preferable place for your QR code. Avoid placing it over the text or a part of the background with many colors. It will help to prevent issues with readability.

Step 3. Check the readability of the QR code your device 

By default, we have a transparent background. As there is no layer between the certificate background and the actual code, we cannot check its readability. 

Please test the code with your phone to make sure that it works as expected.

If you wish to have custom colors in your QR code, please pay attention to the contrast ratio.

Why contrast ratio is important for QR codes? 

It’s important to make sure that there is enough contrast between the QR code and your background. If the contrast is not enough, your device just won’t be able to scan the QR code. 

To set a custom background color, increase the transparency as shown on the screenshot. 

You may change the color by pasting the Hex color code or choosing from the generic options available.

Once set, check the message that appears at the top of your design.

  • Contrast ratio is good, QR code will scan

  • Contrast ratio is low, QR code may not scan

You may additionally double-check the readability of the QR code with your device before issuing it. 

Congratulations! Now QR code is added to your certificate design. 

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