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Written by Uliana

Why can't I delete a particular group or certificate design?

Some of you may have experienced frustration trying to delete a group or certificate template because in particular cases this process is tricky.

Let's talk about these two cases separately:

Why can't you delete a particular certificate design?

There are dependencies between the items you create at Certifier. A particular certificate design cannot be deleted when it is attached to a group. Thus, you should delete a group first, and only afterward you will be able to delete this certificate template.

Why can't you delete a particular group?

Again, dependencies matter. You cannot delete a group that is associated with already issued certificates. Thus, you should delete all the certificates issued for this group first, and only afterward you will be able to delete this group.

Dependencies Chain:

Certificate Template –> Group –> Issued Certificate.

You should start the deleting process from the last component of this chain. You should also remember that the changes applied to a group with already issued certificates (e.g. you may edit the template attached to this group) will result in changes in the appearances of the already issued certificates.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand Certifier better 😇

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