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Written by Valeriia

My recipients say they cannot download their credentials. Why?

What should you do if some of your recipients notify you about the fact that the Download button in their emails redirects them to a broken link?

Such a problem can be caused by some of your manual actions or due to technical reasons.  

Most common reasons:

  1. You have deleted these credentials from your dashboard. When you delete credentials from the Credentials section in your dashboard, they no longer exist. Thus, your recipient can no longer download or even preview them using the buttons in their emails. To fix this, you should simply re-send these credentials once again

  1. The problem can be also merely technical. If you are sure that you have not deleted any certificates from your dashboard, contact us by using this chat icon or email us directly:

Hopefully, this article helps you figure out why the Download button in your recipients' emails may redirect them to broken links.

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