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Written by Uliana

My certificates went to spam/junk. Why is it so?

This article will be useful for the issuers who have encountered a situation when the certificates they issue appear in the spam folder.

Why did your certificate appear in the spam folder?

There is a huge problem with email deliverability to users whose email accounts are created under Outlook, that is any,, or accounts.

This issue is global, and many other services have issues with sending emails (for example StackOverflow), due to the fact they implemented very aggressive anti-spam filters which block 90% of messages that are sent.

How can this issue be solved?

We're doing our best to find a workaround because we are aware this is not a comfortable situation but for now, we were not able to overcome this issue and somehow force those emails to go through their spam filters. Recipients whose accounts are created on hotmail/outlook could check if they can somehow turn off their individual spam filters and hopefully, the certificate will be delivered with no issues. However, since their general spam filters are very aggressive it might not work at all.

We're still investigating all of the possibilities and are trying to find a way so that we can force emails sent from our servers to be delivered to Outlook with no issues, but it's something that is currently out of our control. We're working with other companies to see if together we can do something, but for now - you can either contact recipients and see if they can somehow turn off individual spam filters, and hopefully, they will receive it. If this will not work, they could create an email on Gmail account to receive this and future certificates or you could download all of the certificates as PDFs and send them individually.