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Written by Uliana

Understanding Email Types at Certifier

Read this article to understand what email types are available at Certifier.

At Certifier, there are two primary categories of email templates: specific email types and template settings.

Specific Email Types

As of now, each email you create falls into one of three email template types:

  1. Credential Delivery Template (used for emailing digital credentials to recipients)

  2. Credential Expiration Reminder Template (used to alert recipients 2 weeks before their credentials expire)

  3. Credential Expired Template (used to inform recipients that their credentials have expired)

Template Settings: Default Templates

When it comes to the template settings, Certifier allows you to set an email template of a particular type as a default.

With default email templates, you can set a specific template of a certain category as the default choice. For instance, if you set a particular template as your default credential delivery one, this template will automatically be used for the credential delivery communications across all your groups, unless specified otherwise in the individual group settings.

The beauty of a default template is that it ensures consistency in your messaging. Whether you're managing one group or multiple, the recipients will receive communications that are uniform in style and tone.

How to Override Default Email Templates?

If a particular group needs a different type of communication, you can easily override the default email settings for that specific group. To do so, you will have to:

  1. Create an email template for this group

  2. Navigate to your desired group

  3. Go to the Email Settings of this group

  4. Disable the toggle next to the “I would like to use default email templates for recipient communication.” switch

  5. Select a custom template of a particular kind from the drop-down.