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Written by Uliana

Skills: everything you need to know

Read this article to explore the significance of skills in today's professional landscape and see how you can leverage skills with Certifier.

In our rapidly evolving professional landscape, skills have emerged as the new currency. They not only validate an individual's competencies but also serve as tangible markers of one's professional growth and expertise. As the digital realm has integrated more profoundly into our everyday lives, there's an increasing need for digital representation of these skills in a manner that's both accessible and verifiable.

Why Skills?

For companies and institutions, be it in the sectors of education, healthcare, tech, or corporate training, highlighting specific skills achieved during courses or events provides a precise snapshot of what the recipients have accomplished. This precision is particularly beneficial for prospective employers or stakeholders, offering them a clearer understanding of an individual's capabilities.

For example, instead of simply stating that someone attended a digital marketing workshop or a medical training seminar, specifying skills like SEO, content strategy, patient care techniques, or medical technology implementations presents a more comprehensive picture. This granularity not only adds value to the certificates or badges but also enhances their credibility in the professional world.

Moreover, with platforms like Certifier, these skills can be easily added, managed, and showcased. They get prominently displayed on the recipient's page, ensuring they gain the recognition they rightly deserve. In a world where differentiation is key, emphasizing skills provides that edge, making every achievement more meaningful and relevant.

Who Can Benefit from Skills Tags?

Different industries and sectors have diverse needs when it comes to showcasing their participants' abilities. Some examples include:

  • Educational Institutions: Recognizing students for specialized coursework or extracurricular activities.
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development): Emphasizing the acquisition of new professional skills or the enhancement of existing ones.
  • Healthcare: Honoring professionals for completing courses on medical procedures, medical technology implementations, etc.
  • Corporate Training: For in-house courses on soft skills, leadership, or even onboarding processes.
  • Professional Training & Workshops: Acknowledging attendees for mastering specific techniques or tools, like a digital marketing workshop where participants acquire skills in SEO, content strategy, or Google Analytics.
  • Tech Bootcamps: Highlighting programming languages or tech stacks that participants learn, such as Python, React, or Cloud technologies.
  • and many more!

How to Add Skills on Certifier

To harness the power of skills on Certifier:

  1. Navigate to the group creation or editing.
  2. Input your desired skill in the 'Skills' field.
  3. Choose your preferred skill from the dropdown menu, or add it manually if it's not listed in the library.
  4. The skills you select will be displayed as tags in the Description on each Recipient Page.


By integrating skills into your digital credentials, you not only provide a richer representation of your recipients' achievements but also ensure they stand out in their respective domains. Dive into the world of skills with Certifier and enhance the value of your credentials!