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Written by Valeriia

How to create a custom email template and branding?

This article explains how to use Certifier’s custom email templates and branding.

Why do you need custom email templates?

Certifier provides you with a default email template that is sent to the recipients of your credentials. The default email template consists of Certifier's logo, heading, text, and button. If you want to change some of the components of the default template provided by Certifier, you can create a custom email template. With a custom email template, you can replace the Certifier's logo or modify the text of the emails saturating it with your brand voice.

Here is how a default email template provided by Certifier looks like.

Why do you need a custom email branding?

The email branding is the set of parameters you apply to a particular email template. By default, there is a standard email branding style applied to credential templates: the logo takes up 30% of the width of a template, the color of a button is blue, while the background of the email template is light grey. If you want to change some of these parameters, you should create a custom email branding. For example, you have just added your company's logo to the template. While the blue button perfectly matches Certifier's logo, it may look worse with your one. You can adjust the button color to one of your branding colors and provide a consistent branding experience for your recipients.

How to create a custom email template and email branding?

To create a custom email template, go to the Emails section and click on the Create email template button. You will be redirected to Certifier's email builder.

Start the process from the Content tab on the left. Here you can add your Company's logo, change the text of the button and add dividers if necessary.

If you want to remove some element, place a cursor after it and click Backspace or Return on Mac.

Next, in the Branding tab, you can choose a branding for this particular template. You can customize the following categories:

Template: change the background color, template color, and border-radius

Text styles: modify the color of each part of your text, adjust its size and font, change the link color and style

Button: adjust text color and size, choose button color and border radius that aligns with your branding.

Divider: add an additional divider and change its color

In the Attributes tab, you can add some additional attributes to your email template text. They will be replaced with valid data from your spreadsheet or automation. Check this article to understand how the dynamic attributes work.