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Written by Valeriia

How to create a certificate template using Certifier Design Builder?

Creating a perfect design for your certificates may seem like a challenge. Follow this guide to create your dream certificate template

Step 1. Log in to your Certifier Dashboard and navigate to the Designs section

Click on +Create Design

Step 2. Choose a certificate template using handy Filters

Certifier has up to 300+ templates for your certificates. To find the most suitable one, filter them by Category, Style, Color, or Orientation.

If you’d like to upload your own custom background, navigate to the Background section and choose the Upload Custom Background option.

Please note that we accept JPG and PNG files. The maximum size of the file is 1MB.

In the Background section, you can also choose a Page Size (US letter or A4) and Orientation (Landscape or Portrait) of your certificate.

Step 3. Upload the Company logo and other visual elements

In the Elements section, you can upload images like signatures or company logos.

Feel free to add lines to make your design clearer.

Please note that we accept JPG and PNG files. The maximum size of the element is 250KB.

Step 4. Add Text elements and adjust the Fonts

Texts section shows all the text elements present on your certificate design. You can choose from various fonts, and adjust the size and the color of the elements.

Step 5. Add Dynamic Attributes

Attributes are dynamic elements that you can use to create and personalize issued certificates. For example, the [] attribute will be replaced with the real name of your recipient. Thus, this attribute is obligatory for bulk certificate sending.

You can also create Custom Attributes. This feature is useful if you need to add custom variables to your certificates (like Instructor name, Level of Training, or Custom Expiration Date).

To add a dynamic attribute, click on the Use button next to it.

Make sure to adjust the Alignment (Left/Center/Right) - it will affect the way how the text is displayed in the attribute container.

Finally, decide if you’d like to have Auto-Scaling enabled. Auto-scaling means that the text size is dynamic and automatically adjusts to the size of the container.

We recommend keeping Auto-Scaling enabled to ensure that the content of the attribute is displayed properly.

Refer to this guide to learn more about the attributes.

Step 6. Add a QR code to your certificate

QR code increases the credibility of your certificates. It helps to prevent printed certificates from being forged by redirecting the viewers to the correct digital version of the credential.

Check this guide to learn more about QR codes.

Well done! Your perfect certificate design is ready to go :)


  • Can I change the colors of the certificate template?

It’s not possible to change the color of the background. However, our templates usually come in 3-5 color schemes to choose from.

  • Can I upload my own certificate design?

Yes, you can upload your certificate design in the Background section - Upload Custom Background option.

  • Can I place a signature on the certificate template?

You can place a signature as a graphic element on your template. Just navigate to the Elements tab - Upload image.

  • Can I upload my company logo on the certificate template?

You can place a logo as a graphic element on your template. Just navigate to the Elements tab - Upload image.

  • Can I use my own font?

Yes, we offer custom font upload for our Professional plan customers. If your font has a Google License, feel free to contact us in chat or via to upload it.

  • How can I print my certificate template?

Certifier will help you to create customized certificates and send them directly to your recipients. This process will save you much time and reduce the amount of manual work. Your recipients can print ready certificates on their end once they’re issued.

  • How can I save my certificate to the computer as a PDF?

Certificate template from the Design Builder cannot be saved directly to your device. You can save already-issued certificates with real data of your recipients once they’re issued. It takes way less time to issue and send certificates in bulk using Certifier than filling in the details manually.

Feel free to refer to this guide to learn how to issue certificates.