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Written by Uliana

How to boost shares and why should you care about it?

Read this article to understand how to boost the share rate of your certificates and what gains this might bring you.

Why should you care about social media shares?

Each share on social media creates a marketing event that boosts your brand awareness and generates potential leads. How does it work? When a certificate is shared on social media, it attracts the attention of people from your recipients’ network. Usually, the interests of those people are very close to the interests of your recipients. Thus, you expose your certificate to hundreds or even thousands of potential leads.

How to increase your certificate marketing gain? ⚡️

There are three ways how you may increase your marketing value with Certifier: 

  1. Encourage your recipients to share credentials on social media.
  2. Make it easy for certificate viewers to find links to your website and upcoming events.
  3. Make sure your certificates are branded according to your company’s branding colors and style.

How can you boost your certificate share rate?

  1. Attractive certificate design. It goes without doubt that recipients tend to share certificates with good-looking designs more often. Moreover, if a template aligns with your branding colors and style, it will make your company easy to recognize and help you boost your brand awareness.
  2. Custom Email Sender & Catchy Email Subject. For the email to be opened, it should inspire trust. People tend to open those emails that come from the domains they recognize, thus, if you want to boost your email open rate, try changing the default sender email ( to the email of your company. Moreover, do not forget that the email open rate is directly influenced by the email’s subject. The catchier the subject line of your email is, the more likely it is that your recipients will open their emails.  
  3. Custom Email Template and Branding. You should pay a lot of attention to your email’s body text and look. Use your logo and brand colors in order to enhance your brand’s visibility, as well as include the CTAs that encourage your recipients to share their certificates and add them to their LinkedIn profiles.
  4. Information-Rich Recipient View Page. Add as much information as you can to your certificate wallet: links to your website, social media profiles, learning events, and short company descriptions. When creating a group, do not miss an opportunity to provide the link to your learning event. This will ensure that potential leads will be able to find everything they need and enable them to interact with you in numerous ways.
  5. Branded & Fully-Whitelabeled Certificate Page. Making a branded Certificate page (Recipient View page) that has your branding colors, and logos, and is hosted on your company’s domain is a real game-changer when it comes to certificate sharing and LinkedIn adding. According to Certifier data, the median share rate of certificates with the Premium Branding & Full White-label accounts for 68%. 

With a high share rate, you get more potential leads, more website traffic, and more attendees to your events. Good luck! ⚡️