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Written by Valeriia

How to associate digital credentials with your company profile on Linkedin?

Enhance LinkedIn marketing using digital credentials by adding your Linkedin Company ID to Certifier setup.

Why should I care about adding my Linkedin Company ID to Certifier?

Here are three key reasons why you should add Linkedin Company ID to your Certifier setup:

  1. Seamless Credential Sharing for Recipients: With a pre-filled Linkedin Company ID, recipients can share credentials in two clicks, automatically linked to your company – no more searching through dropdown lists.
  2. Maximize Marketing Impact: Digital credentials are a powerful marketing tool that showcases your business's expertise on LinkedIn. Linking your LinkedIn Company ID amplifies each credential share, guiding potential leads directly to your LinkedIn page, and enhancing credibility and visibility.
  3. Attract Targeted Leads: Effortlessly link credentials to your company's page, enabling easy exploration for potential leads, and opening avenues for relationships, conversions, and expansion.

Where to find my Linkedin Company ID?

The LinkedIn Company ID is a unique string of numbers, usually 6 to 9 digits long.

Here's how to find it within the Admin View of your LinkedIn Page, accessible from either the All Pages or Home tab.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account and access the desired LinkedIn Page.
  2. Navigate to the Admin View of the LinkedIn Page.
  3. The LinkedIn company ID is the number after "/company/" in the URL.

For example, if the Admin URL for the LinkedIn Page is, the company ID is 2215786.

How to enter your Linkedin Company ID into Certifier?

Once you find out your Linkedin Company ID, make sure to add it to your Certifier account to complete the setup.

Navigate to Profile (Top-right corner of the Dashboard) - Settings - Issuer - General Information section.

You may follow this direct link.

Enter the numeric ID to a corresponding section and don’t forget to Save the change.

Done! Now your digital credentials are associated with your profile on Linkedin!