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Written by Uliana

Haven’t received your credential retrieval email? Here’s why.

Read this article to find out the most popular reasons why you may have not received a Credential Retrieval email.


This article highlights the most popular reasons why you may have not received a Credential Retrieval email, as well as contains valuable tips about what to do.

1. Delayed Email Delivery: It's worth waiting for 1 to 2 minutes for the email to arrive, as minor delays are common.

2. Check all email folders, including spam and junk: Emails can get mistakenly marked as spam. Check your Spam or Junk folder to see if the email was redirected there.

3. Verify the Provided Email Address for Typos: A small typo in the email address can prevent the email from reaching you. Double-check the email address you provided for any misspellings or errors.

4. You May Have Provided the Wrong Email Address: If you have multiple email accounts (like personal and work), you might have provided the wrong one. Consider which email address you most likely used.

5. Email Filters or Rules: If you've set up filters or rules in your email, these might be redirecting or blocking certain emails. Review your filter settings.

7. Storage Limits: If your email inbox is full or close to its storage limit, it might not be able to receive new emails. Clear some space by deleting old or unnecessary emails.


If you've checked all these possibilities and still haven't received the email, you should contact your issuer or Certifier’s support. They can verify if the email was sent successfully and resend it if necessary.