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Written by Valeriia

Certificates issued from my custom email go to spam. Why?

What should you do if certificates issued from the email you provided as a sender's one appear in the spam folder? Read this article to find out.

It is important for you to understand that Certifier has no impact on Google filters. We cannot directly influence the distribution process of your certificates and change the folder in which your certificates appear.

Check these tips to prevent certificates from appearing in the spam folder when they are issued from a personal email:

  1. Do not send multiple emails to the same email address (Google assumes this as spam since it thinks that someone wants to send dozens of emails).
  2. Do not send the email to the same email as a sender address email (so, if you specified as a sender address, do not use the same email ( as a recipient's email). Gmail thinks that this is spam because we send the email from the same address to the same address. Thus, please, provide one email as a sender address, and try to issue a test certificate to some other email (not the same as your sender address).
  3. Do not change the sender's email a few times during the distribution of the certificates. It may have some bad effects as well.

Hopefully, this article helps you better understand the process of certificates distribution 🤓

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